Dato: 10.10.2012 Klokken: 17:44

Just because she is pretty doesn't mean you'r ugly.

If you walk away and they don't follow you. Just keep walking.

Go for someone who isn't proud of you but will take on any risk to keep you.

Act like a lady, think like a boss.

Its all about SWAG.

Hate me? Go sit with the rest of haters waiting me to care.

Sucsess and nothing less.

Swag dosent involve to be a asshole to girls.

That was my ex means that was my expriment.

All of these have a end: Boyfriend, Girlfriend, Best friend, Friend. But not family. Fam(ily) have ILY it means I LOVE YOU <3 Comment if you love your family. I love my family!!! <3


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